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Standard price for your needs for translation – competitive in Chiang Mai

This is a translation service for English to Thai and Thai to English, for your important documents and forms. Phone or visit Centa Care Translation Service Centre, Chiang Mai. Our professional staff with long term experience can help to guarantee your document is translated properly. A variety of skilled staff have experience in translation to ensure your document is transcribed correctly.

Centa Care Translation Centre service for translation for confirming that your document meets necessary standards of endorsement – be it with a Lawyer or the Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Justice departments, or just needing to understand the translation of the information. All types of documentation – from large corporation needs, business, academic, legal and personal transcripts – so that you better understand what you are signing or reading about. Passports, licence, rental agreements, academic records... please ask our staff for your needs.

Central to access, our office is situated on a main through road, easily found and accessed by google maps. Professional standards in an environment where quality and timeliness are important for high standards for customer service. Discuss in our office your needs and they will access the right person to inform you about your document needs.

Centa Care Translation Centre has operated under the management of Centa Care Ltd – since 2007. Quality, price, timeliness and customer satisfaction cover all areas of documentation translation.

Our highly skilled and trained staff ensures this one stop process for your documents. Call us or visit us today for your enquiries. We have the right form for your translation needs and can be completed within a matter of minutes if simple to a working week for more complex documents, quality guaranteed.

We translate many types of documents from government documents, business and company documents, licences, annual financial reports, letters – personal and professional, company reports, handbooks, visa documents... whatever your needs please talk to one of our staff. From individual to company needs our staff will complete your documents in a professional and confidential manner. No job too big or too small.

Our experience is broad and we have undertaken commercial business projects, advertising and medical forms to list just a few.

We translate Thai to English and English to Thai in a timely manner.

We have translated other forms of documents – licences, id cards, work permits, bond certificates, resident certificates, change of name certificates, marital status confirmation, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and land certificates, birth and death certificate, health status certificates, curriculum Vitae, work history, Motorbike and car licences.

Business documentation – any document related to setting the up and management of a company – business registration, shareholder documentation, taxation, welfare, meeting reports, immigration documentation forms, marketing, business meeting reports, brochures, packaging details. Please contact our office to discuss your company’s needs today.

Education papers – curriculum vitae, papers form educational institutions, graduation certificates, vocational, work application forms, résumé, transcripts of study and confirmation documents of study, training certificates and short courses. Any Research materials, master’s programs correction, PHD correction, reports.

Visa translation for documents – we accept to fill forms, translate application forms, introduction letters, and online form filling. We can assist to prepare your necessary Visa documents. Fill in application forms, confirmation of income letters, statement letters, company letters, work confirmation letters, relationship / friendship confirmation. Invitation letter from company, Study certification letters.

Document translation service – English to Thai, Thai to English Chiang Mai.

Government documentation translation: translation of all types of government documents – consulate documents, Foreign documents, legal documents, notary public documents.

Special documentation translation: training documents, yearly board documents, economic documents, financial documents, shareholder documents, annual reports – please consult with our staff.

Legal Documents: rules of law, contracts, lease agreements, purchases Patent registration documents, Business name registration. Certification of documents by a Lawyer – of authenticity etc.

Translator: Qualified by studies in English, tour guides and MC services and assistance in legal service representation for support and translation in legal issues – such as attending police station, submitting documents to the court or police station.

Create personal information documents: Resume, introductory application letter for employment, Curriculum Vitae, profile letter. Letters: personal letters, mail, email etc...

Advertising translation: Brochures, business proposals, sales etc.

Subtitles on video, power point or other similar programs. Banners, shop front advertising, web spaces, voice over dubbing.

Research: Text book translation, abstracts, thesis correction. Translation of news articles, media information, journals, economic, news papers etc.

Letter translation: Personal letters, invitation letters, communication letters etc.

Menu: drink lists, menu lists, services available etc

Centacare translation center, Chiang Mai


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